Tuscany – What To see

Tuscany is a wealth of historic treasures considered one-of-a-kind worldwide: the region is full of art cities and little picturesque villages with a huge cultural heritage, but is also extraordinary because of its fascinating landscape, with its bucolic countryside and rolling hills. Not to mention its amazing islands and coastal areas, its protected parks and, last but not least, its food, simple with authentic flavors, and its wines, ranked among the best in the world: to put it simply, there are really many reasons to visit Tuscany.



What shouldn’t you miss when visiting Tuscany? To begin with, these 10 spots:

1. Florence: cradle of the Renaissance and the Italian language, a real outdoor museum full of invaluable works

2. Siena: one of Italy’s most charming medieval cities, renowned all over the world for its historic “Palio”

3. Pisa: with its treasures of Romanesque and Gothic art, an unmissable stop-over for those who want to tour Tuscany’s art cities

4. San Gimignano: with its tall towers and evocative alleys, a small jewel that preserves the medieval atmosphere intact

5. Val d’Orcia: large and characterized by winding slopes dotted with cypresses and vineyards, the ideal place where to immerse yourself into beauty

6. Chianti: among small villages and solitary abbeys, the hills of Chianti are an invitation to relax and enjoy good food and good wine

7. Maremma: a mix of wild countryside, thermal baths, beaches and relics of the Etruscan age, the Maremma area offers many interesting spots

8. Garfagnana: just before the Apuan Alps, set amongst medieval fortresses and characteristic villages, the greenest and purest area in Tuscany

9. Baratti Gulf: on the coastal area between Livorno and Grosseto, immersed in a pristine pine grove, and home to many beautiful beaches

10. Elba Island: with its amazing beaches and clear water, Elba, and the other islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, are a must-see spot for those who love the sea

A trip to Tuscany allows to see with your own eyes invaluable landmarks and attractions, like Florence’s most symbolic places – Brunelleschi’s DomeGiotto’s CampanilePonte VecchioPiazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio -, the famous Leaning Tower, in Pisa, and the scenic Piazza del Campo, in downtown Siena, where the well-known Palio di Siena event is staged every year, attracting tourists from all over the world. A short distance from Siena, you can find some of the region’s most characteristic locations, like the ancient village of Monteriggioni, on top of a hill, entirely surrounded by medieval walls and, in Chiusdino, the Abbey of San Galgano, an abandoned retreat that preserves a mysterious sword in the stone.

Covid-19 Virus

A real Coronavirus update of the Italy Coronavirus cases, located in the North of Italy. Travel in Tuscany is safe. Here 5 reasons to travel to Tuscany by yourself or with a Cruise Ship.

1. More cured, the coronavirus in Italy has mutated. 45 patients improved.

Italy “is not a hotbed of anything, the virus is circulating all over the world,” assures Walter Ricciardi, an Italian member of the WHO executive committee. And only 0.1% of municipalities are affected by the epidemic.

2 . Coronavirus cases who are the dead in Italy

Coronavirus deaths in Italy were already suffering from serious diseases and were elderly who suffered from cardiovascular, tumor or chronic diseases.

3. The contagion of Coronavirus map is limited in northern Italy

There are two main centers of the coronavirus emergency. Most cases of contagion are in Lombardy, all concentrated in the lower Lodi area. In Veneto, however, the cases are concentrated in the municipality of Vo ‘Euganeo (Padua), a small municipality on the west side of the Euganean Hills.

4. Italy ranked healthiest country in Europe (and second in the whole world)

The Italian health system for its high performance as also testified by the state of health of the population, which remains good despite not always healthy lifestyles and as certified by life expectancy at birth (88.3 years for women, 83, 8 for men). Tuscany i one of the best places for healthcare in Italy.

5. Italy is still one of the most beautiful, frindly and welcoming country in the world. The best Pizza, Gelato and the Italians are waiting for you.

Come to Tuscany, choose your tour and come with us!