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TOUR OF CARRARA MARBLE QUARRIES with stop in PISA & LUCCA – Private Shore Excursion from Livorno

Private Vehicle with English Speaking Driver fully insurance

Included a traditional tuscany lunch with wine and olive oil tasting at wineyard

Tour Length: 10 hours (time flexible).
Departure Point: Meeting point at Terminal Cruise La Spezia, You take the shuttlebus down your ship, and our driver meet you with (welcome sign with your name + UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN TOURS) is raccommended starting between 08:00 -8:30 AM
Departure Time: Morning – you can request whatever start time you like (we suggest you between 8.00-09.00). Due to security reasons all guests must be on board at least 2hrs before sailing.
Inclusions: Deluxe Mercedes car (1-3 people) or Deluxe Mercedes Viano (4-7 people) with professional English speaking driver Gelato stop at Antica Gelateria.
Exclusions: gratuities (optional), admission fees to church and museums meals and beverage.
Special instructions: Comfortable walking shoes recommended. The vehicle will escort you for the entire tour. Our tours are flexible. Price include English speaking driver-guide for all tour long.
Note: More than 7 persons: rates available on request.

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Please note: If you want to book this tour you must first request if it is available by sending a message via whatsApp at +393483146644. If we confirm availability you can buy it. Tour of Carrara marble quarries on 4×4 off raod vehicle Land Rover
Visit the marble quarries on 4×4 off road vehicle is a unique and profound experience. It means to enjoy the charm of places inaccessible for most of the visitors, travelling along winding and steep roads together with trucks which, incessantly, challenge technical and human limits.

Thanks to special off road vehicles and to highly specialized drivers, your private tuorist guide will lead you as far as 900 mt. altitude, in a magnificient and unrepeatable scenery, supplying you extremely detailed explanations about both ancient and modern methods of excavation, in direct contact (in work days) with the quarrymen who execute the cut of a quarry bench or while they load enormous blocks on top of trucks. A short break in order to experience an antique and absolutely unique food the “lardo di Colonnata”, and we start to go up and up again until 1.200 mt., enjoying an indescribable view and a sensation of pure extasy. Before to end our tour we go into a spectacular underground quarry. It is possibile to extend the escursion visiting, after lunch, Carrara’s historical centre, or a marble workshop, or a sclupture atelier.

Each vehicle can hold until 8 visitors, for groups over 24 persons, contact us, we will send you a customized quotation.


Carrara Marble Tour
Tour to the famouse quarries of carrara, where marble has been axtracted since the Roman time, including the blocks used by Michelangelo himself, as well Giotto, Donatello and Bernini( just to name a few ). Inspect the quarries and admire the breath taking views of the mediterranean sea. A nice lunch based on the famous “lardo di colonnata”, the traditional food eaten by the masons here for centuries, can be a nice opportunity to enjoy this part of Tuscany(lunch not included). We continue our tour and descend to the cost of Pietrasanta to admire a working marble studio and see where the stones are carved into magnificent works. Enjoy a guided visit of the hostoric center of Pietrasanta.General description
“This is virtually impossible to imagine until you see it with your own eyes” could be the better description for this specific destination. Carrara marble is known and highly appreciated all over the world. The Carrara marble caves reveal a completely different show from what we are used to see. The majesty of the Apuan Alps is already a breathtaking sight that pays the cost of the ticket. If you consider the impressiveness of the caves, this tour has all the characteristics of a rarity not to be missed. Not enough for you? Come and try the famous Colonnata bacon …
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Detailed description
Departing from Florence at 8.00 a.m. we arrive at Carrara at 10.30 a.m. After a short stop in the central square of the city we continue on the county road direction Colonnata until we arrive at Fantiscritti. At 11 a.m. begins the tour inside the cave. Authorized and qualified personnel bring you to the heart of the mountain where the marble is extracted on special vehicles. Anything is impressive here. Nothing in common with what we are used to see every day. Everything is big. Huge, we say. The charm that only a few places in the world can arouse, bringing you in another dimension for the entire length of the tour. Coming out from the mountain you will experience another wonderful surprise. Colonnata is famous for its marble caves as well as for its particular bacon which is aged inside specific marble tanks. Now you can lunch in the small town of Colonnata from which you can also enjoy a breathtaking and unique panoramic view. You can choose to change the Colonnata experience with a stop at Pisa or Lucca. The first is just on the way, while the second is simply a detour of about half an hour. Going back home you can tell family and friends about your unique experience.

On request: customization of the tour according to clients’ request, Pisa, Lucca

Due to their extremely close location to one another, Carrara and Pietrasanta are classified as one single province. However they are still two completely different cities in terms of culture, activities and education. Carrara, has always been known for its refined marble, testimony to the city’s Medieval background. Whereas, Pietrasanta, is a small town in the province of Lucca and is one of Italy’s most famous towns for the production of marble sculpture.  The name of the town, literally translated means “sacred rock”, and with good reason Pietrasanta has served as a sanctuary for international sculptors and artists for six centuries and it was here, in the lofty quarters of the city’s palazzi, that Michelangelo, Henry Moore, and, more recently, Fernando Botero chose to set up their residence, in part due to the town’s proximity to the marble quarries of Carrara. The season for some of the towns most prolific gallery exhibitions is from June through  September.  Pietrasanta, however, is more than simply an artists’ colony Carrara, on the other hand, has managed to conserve much more evidence of its own ancient background despite being in close proximity the Malaspina. For example, Via Santa Maria, which branches from the spacious piazza where the Academy of Beautiful Arts is located, is a great example of the city’s success in maintaining its original Medieval structure.

The city’s cathedral is very unique in that it consists of a combination of many different styles of architecture. Started in the 11th century and finished in the XIV, it has a façade which shows clear evidence of two different phases of construction: there’s a part with a solid Romanesque base and one part that’s very light, with fine thin columns and Gothic style arches.

The art of stone masonry has long been a traditional trade of this Tuscan province. Carrara in particular is famous all over the world for its white marble (whose origins date back to Etruscan times) which is derived from the many marble caves in the area. The trade generated through the commercial activity involving the marble has always been a source of great income to the city Have you ever wondered where such great sculptors like Michelangelo, Bernini, Canova found their precious materials to create those beautiful works of art like the David, St.Peter’s or Paulina Borghese?

Well, the answer is in this journey through the natural beauties of the Apuane Alps, and more precisely to the town of Carrara. Our destination is 1 and half hour west of Florence, along the etruscan coast. We will notice getting closer to the coast by the brighter light which sorrounds us as we leave the metropolitan area and approach the coastal plain.

But all of a sudden, we will be facing the Apuane Alps. Although they are called so, they belong to The appennines’ mountain chain. The name alps was given to them because of their geological age which is much older than the appennines.
They are a paradise for the daredevil climbers. Many of them do not make it back though as they venture to their top. We will leave highway A11 to reach the town ofCarrara. This is a town of 65.000 people, most famous for its cathedral. Completely decorated with the local marble, it dates back to the Xith century. The word Carraracomes from the local’s dialect way of naming a stone (Kar). After a first stop to admire this unique piece of art, we will drive up to the top of the mountain.Most precisely to the Fantiscritti quarry. Fanti Scritti. means “childrens’ drawings”.

This is what the romans found more than two thousand years ago as they first approached these mountains. It is still a mistery where those drawings came from. What is certain though is that the romans were the first ones to discover the importance of these crystalized mineral salts. They would cut the mountain with diamond stones. The only material resistant enough to go through the stone. The blocks would be placed on carts driven by oxes and off they went to the seaport of Marina di Carrara. ¾ of the marble found in Rome until the Vth century came from here. We will visit the open air marble museum.

Situated right at the feet of the quarries, it is a unique description of the life, traditions and history of the quarrymen. We will admire many art pieces in marble all relative to the use of this material. A stop at the local crafts’shop is definitely recommended as the marble pieces you find here will have a special place among your souvenirs.

The drive up to the quarries is just breaktaking; so is the downhill one with the sea in the background. No surprise that many people say that this should be considered one of the world’s seven wonders. It is now lunch time. We will drive to the coast ofCarrara; more precisely to the resort area of Viareggio in the Versilia district. Our lunch stop will be at the beach club of the most fascinating hotel in town; where you can indulge in all the most exquisite sea food while relaxing by the pool with the spectacular views of the sea and sands. After lunch we will take a stroll along the boardwalk.

This is the locals’ favourite passtime especially around carnival time when the papier-mache costume machines parade along it. This , together with the one in Venice is the most famous carnival in Italy. Every single costume mocks the local and non-local politicians, and everyone waits to see who is going to be targetted next.

Driving by the boardwalk we will admire the 18een hundreds homes and beach clubs which saw so many generations of youths spending their summers here in search of thrills and adventures. Something to bring back home after a long , tiring happy day. Just like ours-At least we like to think so.

Come to “FANTISCRITTI” in the heart of the Carrara Marble Basin. With its scenic landscape immersed in white marble, this is a truly unique location beyond compare.

Here the “Marmo Tour” staff will guide you down into the centre of the Apuan Alps to discover the most beautiful QUARRY CARVED DEEP INTO THE MOUNTAIN.

The guided tour lasts for about 30 minutes. The first section (of approximately 600 meters) will be conducted from the confines of the tour bus. Once inside the Ravaccione Quarry, you will be talked through the processes of cutting and pulling of the marble blocks. The setting is almost lunar in appearance and the quarry is known as the MARBLE CATHEDERAL due to its vast and cavernous rooms. Everyone is catered for here and there is good disabled access.

It is truly enchanting!

For the recent unveiling of a new marque, the car manufacturer MASERATI. chose our beautiful quarry as the ideal backdrop. The famous design NAPAPJRI even held a fashion show here with catwalk models parading down the blocks of marble. It is also LAMBORGHINI intention to use our quarry to promote their latest supercar. Even the President of the Republic Signor CIAMPI and his wife, Signora Franca came to visit us and were left genuinely stunned and amazed.

It is incredible to believe what the owner of the quarry, Signor Carlo Dell’Amico, has been able to achieve here. Precision cuts, clean smooth surfaces.
He was the pioneer of this style of quarrying, and at that time, the most important and respected businessmen of the day did not believe it would become a successful business.
He has succeeded beyond all their expectations, and today Signor Dell’Amico is widely envied for what he has been able to achieve.


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