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Wine Tours in Slovenia SLOVENIA – WINE WONDERLAND Slovenia is a small country that many people have never heard of. It is located in the central European region and is surrounded by Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. The country’s beauty is in its diversity. In only 22.273 square kilometers you can go skiing in the Alps, lay on … Read more

8 Nutritional Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil from the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is produced by pressing whole olives. Olives Tree from which olives are grown, like in Val d’Orcia and Chianti in Tuscany Olive oil in Tuscany is used for cooking pasta, added to salad dressing, making sauce and many others. Olive is a very essential ingredient in food making … Read more

2020: the year of Raphael (Raffaello)

2020: the year of Raphael After a 2019 full of exhibitions and cultural events dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci for the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death, with this new year someone else is ready to pick up the baton: 2020 is the 500th anniversary year since the death of Raphael, the indisputable … Read more

Tuscany – What To Taste

Tuscany boasts a strong culinary tradition featuring simple recipes and authentic flavors with many specialties that differ from one area to the next: in fact every corner of Tuscany is full of surprises when it comes to food! Bistecca alla fiorentina (beefsteak Florentine style) A typical Tuscan meal starts with an antipasto with crostini neri, that … Read more

Tuscany – What To Do

Tuscany offers endless entertainment options, to meet all tastes and needs: it caters for those seeking a relaxing holiday, but also for those who want to enjoy a stay devoted to sports and outdoor activities, or those looking for food & wine tours. Palio di Siena The area offers many activities set in natural surroundings: … Read more

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